Carlo Govoni M.D. is a otorhinolaryngologyst; he's a physicians specialize in the treatment and management of diseases and disorders of the nose, throat, ear and related bodily structures. 
Audiometric exams (diagnostic audiology), search auditory threshold.  Dizziness.  Labyrinth desease. Vertigo. Fiberscopic examination.  Otitis threatment

Carlo chiaro

Private practise
Theese activities are provided in the city of Milan, Modena, Parma and Reggio Emilia.

More Info  (+39) 3358040811

He treats only private patients, with consulting rooms and secretarial office at Milan.

Columbus Clinic Center, 48, Buonarroti street, Milan - phone (+39) 02480801  or (+39)3358040811

milano columbus clinic center otorino sala operatoria

Columbus Clinic Center: an operating room


milano corso magenta madonna grazie cdl otorinoMedical Center, 64, corso Magenta, Milan  
phone (+39) 0258103023  or  (+39)3358040811

Other consulting rooms and secretarial office at
Hesperia Hospital,  80, via Arquà, Modena - phone (+39) 059393101 and  (+39) 059449111  or (+39)3358040811

modena hesperia hospital sala operatoria chirurgia carlo govoniModena - Hesperia Hospital: an operating room.


Medical Center Baganza, 11, via Baganza, Parma - phone (+39) 0521968415  or (+39)3358040811


Medical Center "Città di Collecchio", via Aldo Moro, 1 , Collecchio, Parma - phone (+39) 05211682359  or (+39)3358040811

Medical Center, 9, via Ruggero Ruggeri - Reggio nell'Emilia - phone (+39) 3358040811 

Carlo Govoni is specialist in otolaryngology - treating medically and surgically diseases of ear, nose, and throat. He has particular experience in the following areas: endoscopic nasal and sinus surgery, laryngeal surgery, otology and neuro-otology, paediatric otolaryngology.



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