Lion, may 20th 2014.
The 9th Global Otology-neurotology Live Surgical Brodcast. 

The live surgery session will demonstrate the surgical techniques for otosclerosis, ossiculoplasty and cochlear implantation. There are sessions of neurotology, BAHA implantation, vestibular schwannoma retrosigmoid approach and translabyrintine approach.

 decompressione sacco endolinfatico govoni otorino microchirurgia orecchio

Complete mastoidectomy and exposure of the endolymphatic sac.


Otoscopy and the search for the hearing threshold are always the first steps for an audiological diagnosis.

lecco como lugano ticino suisse svizzera riflessione luce otorino govoni

A Ferris Wheel at Night - Looks like one cochlea


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milano columbus clinic center aree cliniche - Columbus Clinic Center - Milan - Italy
  a surgical room 



Hesperia Hospital, Modena - Italy modena hesperia hospital sala operatoria chirurgia carlo govoni




Surgery of the neck - Removal of giant lipoma.