Ear, Nose and head and neck district private medical clinic is located in Reggio Emilia, via Ruggero Ruggeri, civic number 9.
In this office are performed otolaryngologic examinations and audiometric evaluations. I offer specialist medical visits for adult and children. Treatment of vertigo (or dizziness),  tinnitus (or ringing),   hearing loss,   hyposmia,   stuffy nose and more.
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tel. (+39) 3358040811  NO SMS   NO WhatsApp       


9, Ruggero Ruggeri street, - REGGIO EMILIA     zip code: 42122

        phone  (+39) 3358040811    NO SMS  - NO WhatsApp

It is possible to reach the otorhinolaryngology clinic by bus n. 4  Coviolo -- via Curie / via Lambrakis.

migliore parcheggio esperienza qualit govoni carlo esperto otorino bambini  convenient free parking in the street.


In this and in the other centers where I carry out medical examinations
it is possible to pay in euros by cash or by debit card.


reggio emilia studio via ruggeri 9 otorinolaringoiatria govoni

Interior of room for medical examinations.
To the right of the cabin for the audiometric tests and ear-microscope.



Outpatient procedures. 
ENT visits by appointment only.

Hearing tests: audiometry, tympanometry and stapedial reflexes research.  vestibular examination for the study of vertigo, paroxysmal vertigo of position (VPPB), Meniere's disease and related disorders. 
Investigation and management of tinnitus.
Endoscopy of the larynx and nose with the use of fiber optics instrument; fibrolaryngoscopy and rhinofibroscopy.

Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
Carlo Govoni performs surgery ENT at the Hesperia Hospital, Modena   and Private Hospital Columbus Clinic Center, Milan;


Medical visits by appointment only. Phone (+39) 3358040811   NO SMS  -  NO WhatsApp.



reggio emilia stazione alta velocita av

Higt-speed train station Reggio Emilia AV
Railway line Bologna - Milan


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A habitual maneuver during an otolaryngological visit: otoscopy




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