Dr. Carlo Govoni treats children and adults at the ambulatory in 15, Crivelli street - Milan. In this Medical Clinic otolaryngologic examinations and clinical exams are provided, in particular ear, nose and throat examination, labyrinth, rhinofibroscopic and laryngofibroscopic exams, audiometric examination,vertigo, tinnitus, larynx diseases. A complete check up of Otolaryngologic aspects.The clinic is open from Monday to Friday, if necessary there is also the possibility of a domestic examination.

tel. (+39) 3358040811    -   (+39) 0258300455


15 / 1, Carlo Crivelli street -  MILAN,    zip code: 20122

milano via crivelli otorino govoni ent studio

15 / 1, Carlo Crivelli Street,  MILAN 

It opens:

Monday - Friday  10.00 - 19.30  no-stop

Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
Carlo Govoni performs surgery ENT at the nursing home in Columbus, Milan and Hesperia Hospital, Modena. 


Another ENT ambulatory is located in MILAN, corso Magenta, civic number 64. In this office are performed otolaryngologic examinations, endoscopy, audiometric exams and balance testing.
Phone: (+39) 3358040811  NO SMS    -   (+39) 0258103023