In the ear canal there are special glands that produce ear wax.  The wax is important, it protect the middle ear (tympanic membrane and ossicules) from infections and damages. The wax is also known as cerumen.

dove si forma il cerume orecchio esterno

Cerumen is always solid (flaky or dray).  Ear wax blockage is the most common cause of impactions. Hearing aid are also more prone to cerumen blockage.  Even earplugs facilitate the formation of earwax.

The most common symptoms of a plug of earwax are hearing loss, pain in the ear, fullness sensation, dizziness and tinnitus.


movimento che compie acqua lavaggio cerume orecchio esterno

Ear irrigation is a procedure used to remove excess earwax or cerumen. The medical doctor diagnose excess earwax by an istrument called otoscope. In the drawing the path that the water must take to extract the earwax.


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