ENT ambulatory is located in Verbania, street Cuboni, civic number 1.
In this ambulatory are performed otolaryngologic examinations.

Phone (+39) 3358040811    

street Cuboni, 1 - VERBANIA     zip code: 28921


Via Cuboni, 1 - location Trobaso, VERBANIA (VB)
In the white house with porches there is study of dr. Govoni 



Lake Maggiore or Lago Verbano is located
on the south side of the Alps. 

Carlo Govoni is specializing in otorhinolaryngology.  This branch of medicine study the disease of ear, nose, and throat (ENT). 

Outpatient procedures. 
Visit ENT within an appointment. Call. (+39) 3358040811
Hearing tests: audiometry, tympanometry and stapedial reflexes search. 
Endoscopy of the nose and larynx with the use of fiber optics instrument.
Vestibular examination for the study of vertigo, paroxysmal vertigo of position (VPPB), Meniere's disease and related disorders. 

Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
Carlo Govoni performs surgery ENT at the nursing home in Columbus, Milan  and Hesperia Hospital, Modena. 


Medical visits by appointment only. Phone (+39) 3358040811  

Another ambulatory is located in MILAN, corso Magenta, civic number 64.  Phone: (+39) 3358040811    -   (+39) 0258103023